Spring Creek “The Greenest thing in Irion County”


Irion County

Irion County is rich in human capital as well as natural resources. A declining population and decreased tax base have made it necessary to develop a plan that will maintain existing business and increase job opportunities for economic vitality. Natural resources can greatly increase viable income. Ninety-five million acres of Texas are considered to be in rangeland and 80% of the population is concentrated in urban areas. The utilization of this rangeland and other resources can provide for the common good of the rural and urban economy. Many producers are now looking at hunting in a new light and what was once surplus money is now a substantial part of their income. Water is vital to Irion County and agricultural profitability. Result demonstrations have been established to improve water infiltration and conservation.

Irion County lies in the middle of sheep and goat country. Due to drought, changes in government policy and price cuts, numbers are down. The producer must operate in the most effective and efficient manner. Irion County producers have actively participated in the Texas Livestock Early Warning System. The business community continues to expand in Irion County with civic minded citizens giving leadership to promotion efforts. Diversification in agriculture and economic development are the future for continuing Irion County growth and progress.