Quality Counts

What is Quality Counts?

Quality Counts is an online program designed to teach youth to have high standards in caring for their livestock.  The program focuses on displaying good character while working with livestock. Once the program is completed by passing either the junior level or senior level exam, the participant will receive a Quality Counts verification number. This number is required for ALL stock show entries (county AND major stock shows).

How do I prepare for the exam questions?

You can review this PowerPoint presentation as a pdf document to see the topics that the Quality Counts program emphasizes. Reviewing this document carefully should help you a great deal in being able to answer the questions on the Quality Counts Exam.

Quality Counts Program Guide (pdf)


Where do I go to take the Quality Counts Exam?

The link is agrilife.org/qualitycounts/.  Once you are on the website, go to the “Verification” tab and click on “Take the test and become Verified”. If you are only showing through 4-H, then click on “4-H” icon.If you are showing through 4-H and FFA, then click on the “4-H and FFA” icon. Enter your basic information, and make sure that you enter that you are showing in Irion County! If you do not enter Irion County, we will not be able to retrieve your Quality Counts Number! Then, begin answering each question on the test and submit your exam when finished. We will be able to see if you have completed the exam, and it will not be necessary for you to bring in a copy of your quality counts certificate.


My 4-H member has taken the quality counts exam previously, does he/she have to take it again?

It depends on the exhibitor’s age. Exhibitors must take and pass the the junior level exam once until age 14 (as of August 31, 2015).  Once an exhibitor turns 14, then he/she must take and pass the senior level exam one time. It is not necessary to take the exam again each year unless the member is moving from the junior level to the senior level.


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